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“Dawn’s approach of equipping us with innovative tools and techniques that integrate cutting-edge research and technology is concretely transformational. She is a driving force bringing a new awareness to the world.”

Jitendra KavathekarManaging Director Accenture Open Innovation, former VP and GM at Yahoo! Web Analytics


“Dawn delivers a powerful and unique perspective that can be harnessed to empower innovation, catalyze opportunities, and change the world! Plus, her novel is a real thrill ride for the soul! It grabbed me from the start and I couldn’t put it down.”

Bobby MullerNobel Prize Winner (International Campaign against Land Mines); Founder Vietnam Veterans of America


“Dawn connects the dots like I have never seen them connected before. It is obvious that her knowledge comes from direct experience and goes beyond any set of books.”

Jerome ConlonFormer SVP Marketing & Program Dev. NBC Entertainment; Former Global Marketing & Brand Planning Director at Nike; Former VP Brand Planning at Starbucks


“Dawn’s work not only has the unique capacity to unlock hidden potential, it also bridges the gap from the individual to the planet.”

Beth BeloffExec. Dir. Coalition of Sustainable Communities NM; Former Dir.  National Academy of Science Global Commons Project; Founder of Institute for Corporate Environmental Mgmt. at University of Houston Bauer Business School


“Dawn lifted the veils and taught me another language—another way of seeing the world—a new vocabulary. Her work empowered me to create the next evolution in my career and life in ways that I never before could have imagined.”

Colin FinlayEmmy Award-Winning Photojournalist, Picture of the Year International Winner (six times)


“Dawn Clark is one of those rare authors who crosses traditional genres and captivates virtually everyone – whether they’re into thrillers, mystical phenomena, spy novels or psychological dramas. Her riveting book has it all!”

Johnathan SandysFounder Churchill’s Britain; Sir Winston Churchill’s Great-grandson; Author


“Dawn’s work is crucial to unlocking the innovation and creativity needed to solve today’s seemingly insurmountable problems, and in helping individuals find their way back home.”

Frank Chesky, MD, PAPsychiatrist


“Using Dawn’s refreshingly clear and comprehensive tools has been like learning a new language or discovering a special key I didn’t quite realize I had. It has allowed access to a whole and beautiful practice for living.”

Ann DuffyCorporate Sustainability Officer, Winter Olympic Games 2010


“Dawn’s tools gave me the edge when it counted. They helped me embed a winning mindset and overcome limiting beliefs. Thank you, Dawn, for showing me the path to a winning life!”

Uchenna AguCBS’s prime-time TV show “The Amazing Race’ Winner


“Deep gratitude to Dawn for bringing through her powerful, life-changing work to so many! I am going to implement this into my own practice and share it with as many people as I can!”

Karolyn Mckinley, MS, LMFTTherapist


“This a powerful tool for anyone looking to change their money story on a profound and life-changing level. Dawn’s tools work at a much deeper level and deliver results unlike anything else I’ve experienced!

Natalie LussierAuthor, Founder AmbitionAlly SAAS