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Results begin as soon as you take action. There are many aspects to the Recode DNA for Wealth System, all of which empower you to create positive change. However, there is no magic wand. Action is required.Within the program there are numerous activities that help you get into your positive imprint zone – each of which empowers you to start Recoding right away.

Wealth Gene Activations begin re-entraining your brain right away, paving the path for you to Recode Your DNA for success once you start working with your Personal Codes.Research has proven that the Master Codes boost Life Force within moments, and bring water out of chaos into coherence – both of which provide the foundation for positive change in your life.

Research also demonstrates that on average it takes someone 66 days to form a new habit. And, what you are experiencing in your world today is based on what you were resonating 3-4 months ago. Taking all that into account…change begins the second you take action. It’s up to you to notice the positive changes within yourself and the world around you if you wish to accelerate results. Remember, we add energy to what we focus on.