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Sometimes your existing DNA programming can be so out of sync with the resonance of prosperity and Pure Love that’s imbued in the codes, that it might make them feel foreign or uncomfortable.I suggest that you take it slowly. Start by saying “Hi” to your Personal Codes. Give it time.Research demonstrates that the Master Codes within your Personal Codes bring water molecules out of chaos and into beauty – they “turn on” the Life Force within people as measured by GDV.
nThis “righting effect” out of chaos can feel very strange at first, especially if you are an emotionally, spiritually, or energetically “sensitive” person.Having said that…you can continue to work your Personal Codes in conjunction with the Wealth Gene Activations. As you do, you can look at your Personal Codes ever so briefly to say “Hi” before doing the Wealth Gene Activations, until you are more comfortable with the Personal Codes.Overtime, you will feel more and more comfortable as you overwrite the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Read more about the Personal Codes here.
nAre the three golden symbols (line drawings) within the Personalized Codes the same for everyone or are they unique to the individual?
nThe three golden symbols that overlay your personalized codes are the same for everyone. They are select representations of Master Codes which help you open up to receive the new information. The resonance of the specific Master Codes for Recoding DNA for Wealth, along with the resonance of these three Master Codes is an integral part of your Personal Codes.