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It is human nature to want to label things… but words fall short to describe the symbols. They are imbued with the resonance of Pure Love and have the capacity to open our heart, calm the chaos and restore life force (as measured by bio-photonic output.)
nIf you look at the screenshot below…let’s read the symbols from right to left as you would in other languages such as: Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Samarita, Syriac, Zoroastrian sacred texts during the Sassanid era, Old Turkic, and Old Hungarian runes to name a few…
nThe first symbol (the one on the right) represents going below the surface of the conscious mind to tap not only what lies below the “line” but to access our spiritual connection to the oneness of everything (as represented by the circle)
nThe second symbol (in the middle) represents a wide armed embracing of the whole of all that is, and the whole of all of who we are, with the center protrusion of the W shape representing our heart.
nThe third symbol (on the left) represents seeing beyond the box of our old programming and conditioning; moving beyond labels and preconceptions; expanding beyond the confines that hold us back from being all of who we were meant to be. Having explained the representations above, remember to not get caught up in labels. Rather embrace the spirit of intention within your heart and let the spirit of the intention flow through you. Read more about the Personal Codes here.